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KWC Faucet Parts – Things You Should Know

KWC Faucet Parts - The Warranty If you own a KWC kitchen faucet, you are probably already aware of the quality engineering and design aspects that go...


KWC Faucet Parts – The Warranty

kwc faucet partsIf you own a KWC kitchen faucet, you are probably already aware of the quality engineering and design aspects that go into the manufacture of their faucets. All their faucets are guaranteed for one full year and they offer an extended guarantee on their LED lights and powder coat finishes for a period of 5 years.

If you are in need of KWC faucet parts, you should first check to see if they are covered by a warranty. For example, as mentioned earlier, you can fix a defective LED light bulb under warranty without having to pay out of your pocket. However, if you need other KWC faucet parts, you should contact only authorized dealers to buy them.

Some of the most sought after KWC faucet parts are:

• Flexible connection hoses
• Hose guides
• Swiveling hose guides
• Automatic diverter reset mechanisms
• On/off switches
• Regular sprays / Pre rinse sprays

However, it is quite rare to see anyone need KWC kitchen faucet parts as these faucets are impeccably built without any design flaws. However, one will have to be very careful about getting these faucets installed as KWC faucet parts warranty will not cover errors made during the installation process. Also, be very careful about where you buy your KWC faucet parts as their warranty will not apply to parts that are bought from unauthorized resellers. You have to be especially careful about buying KWC faucet parts from the Internet as there have been cases of unauthorized websites selling inferior KWC faucet parts while claiming to be genuine suppliers of KWC parts.

Here are a few care and maintenance tips that will hopefully allow you to completely avoid a situation where you might need KWC faucet parts to fix your faucet.

• Do not use scrubbers, harsh chemical agents or corrosive cleaners to clean the faucets.
• Cleaning can be merely done with a simple wipe of a soft cloth.
• If you have neglected your KWC faucet for a while and it has built up reside, soap scup or mineral deposits, the best way to clean them would be by using a mild detergent or a mixture of water and vinegar to first soften the build up before cleaning them. Rinse thoroughly and make sure that you do not leave any cleaning chemicals on the surface of the faucet for long times.
• You have to note that warranty on KWC faucet parts will not apply if it is deduced that the faucet was not properly maintained.

Though KWC is very popular as a brand, some of their models are more popular than others. The most popular KWC faucets are the KWC Domo faucet, KWC Eve faucet, KWC Suprimo faucet and the KWC Systema faucet. If your faucet belongs to any of these product lines, you have a good chance of finding them quite easily in the market today.

If you didn’t know, KWC faucet parts are officially available at a few select locations in the country. More specifically, they can be reached at the following locations.

Watertown supply, Watertown, MA, 800-323-3233

Elias Industries Inc, DBA TAPCO, Pittsburgh, PA, 412-782-4300

New York Replacement Parts, NY, 800-228-4718

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