Are You Considering the Purchase of a KWC Faucet? Read About Some of Their Popular Models

A KWC Faucet Will Take Your Breath Away If you are in the market for bathroom furnishings and accessories, you might have come across a KWC faucet th...


A KWC Faucet Will Take Your Breath Away

kwc faucetIf you are in the market for bathroom furnishings and accessories, you might have come across a KWC faucet that might have taken your breath away. KWC is a Swiss brand that has become quite well known for their quality faucets that are both visually stunning as well as being brilliantly engineered.

It is no surprise that a KWC faucet is often the most sought after brand by homeowners who are looking for zest and style in the kitchen or bathroom faucets. KWC faucets serve a wide range of functions and one can find KWC models for their kitchen, bar, commercial service station and bathrooms. They have an extensive product line that comes with many special features such as faucets with LED lights, swivel stands, and pull out extensions that can reach a maximum length of almost 30 inches. The excellent engineering and quality products that go into a KWC faucet will mean that performance is not compromised with most of their faucets being able to put out as much as 60 psi of water pressure.

In other words, a KWC faucet is more than just a great looker and many home designers have recommended KWC as a brand that will both suit style and function. A KWC faucet will usually come with a 1 year warranty although the warranty may be extended to an impressive 5 years on certain details such as powder coat finish and LED lights.

That being said, here are some KWC faucet models explained in some more detail.

KWC Faucet – EVE– Their EVE line is one of their higher priced model line although the prices are well substantiated by impressive features. Most of the models in this line come in multiple colors such as chrome, black chrome, stainless steel and glacier white. A KWC faucet in the EVE line might also come with advanced features such as automatic shut off after 45 minutes, electronic on off push button and a pull out extension with more than 20 inches of length on offer.

KWC Faucet – ONO – Most of the models in this line have an impressive flow rate of 60 psi which works out to approximately 1.8 gallons per minute. This is great for commercial installations as they are very functional in nature. They also have other added features such as close to 27 inches of a pull out extension length, automatic diverter reset, hose guide with a swivel that can rotate an impressive 105 degrees.

KWC Faucet – SUPRiMO – You will find soap dispenser pumps, and single lever mixer faucets in the SUPRiMO product line. Apart from having some of the most aesthetically beautiful faucets, the SUPRiMO line also has tremendous functionally features such as LED lights, swivel hose guides that can rotate a full 360 degrees and about 20-28 inches of pull out extension length. This line also has several models that come with an electronic on/off switch. The connection hoses are flexible in all models in the SUPRiMO product line.

KWC also has several other product lines such as SYSTEMA, SIN, LIVELLO, DOMO, DECO and EDGE that one can check out to find a great faucet for their home or commercial establishment.

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