KWC Kitchen Faucets for Your Home

KWC Kitchen Faucets - Precision Swiss Engineering If you have decided to install KWC kitchen faucets in your house, it can be said that you have made...

KWC Kitchen Faucets – Precision Swiss Engineering

kwc kitchen faucetsIf you have decided to install KWC kitchen faucets in your house, it can be said that you have made a pretty good decision already. For homeowners or even commercial establishments that are looking for the best kitchen faucets out there in the market today, KWC kitchen faucets will definitely impress in more ways than one.

First of all, KWC kitchen faucets are the most  ergonomically and aesthetically designed faucets out there in the market today. Secondly, they are made with precision Swiss engineering standards that are typically used in the manufacture of the famed Swiss watch. It is no surprise that home owners and commercial kitchen owners who have already installed KWC kitchen faucets in their home or restaurants will always vouch for their quality.

KWC Kitchen Faucets – Popular Models

If you are interested in the KWC kitchen faucets, you must particularly look into some of their most popular models. The KWC Suprimo faucet, the KWC Eve faucet, the KWC Systema faucet and the KWC Domo faucet are the most popular product lines from KWC.

Here is a quick summary on each of the KWC kitchen faucets product line just mentioned.

KWC Suprimo faucet – Simple and yet very elegant, the Suprimo line will serve your functional needs very well. It is not the highest priced KWC kitchen faucets although quality is not compromised at all. All the faucets in this line are made out of pure stainless steel and come in either a plain stainless steel or matte black stainless steel finish. They have pull out extensions for tough kitchen clean up jobs with the extender hose extending up to 20 inches. Customers will also have an option to install a visually stunning looking LED light on the KWC Suprimo faucet of their choice if they want to.

KWC Eve faucet – These aptly named, sensuous looking faucets have a very sexy look to them and they can easily spark up the look of any kitchen. Apart from looks, these KWC kitchen faucets are also pretty sophisticated in the sense that they have an electronic on/off switch that will automatically shut off after about 45 minutes. They come with hose guides that swivel an impressive 270 degrees. A customer will also have the option of installing a LED light that will be covered by the KWC kitchen faucets 5 year warranty coverage.

KWC Systema faucet – If you want a faucet with several features such as pre-rinse spray, reversible face plate, parallel or cone spray and also a swivel spout that is capable of rotating 180 degrees, you can definitely go for the single lever mixers from the KWC Systema faucet line.

KWC Domo faucet – These KWC kitchen faucets are great for commercial establishments as they have several practical features such as extension pull outs that will extend almost 30 inches. Apart from this, they also have lockable regular sprays, automatic diverter reset system and a hose guide that is capable of swiveling 130 degrees. These faucets are pretty powerful in the sense that they put out anywhere between 1.8 gallons to 2.2 gallons in just a minute.

KWC Kitchen Faucets

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